Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to Build Your Own Cyclepunk Chandelier from Bike Parts and Trash

Here are step by step directions for making your own custom cyclepunk chandelier, all from trash and old bike parts.

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'Anchorman 2': What Should Ron Burgundy Do Next?

"Anchorman 2" is officially on the way, and the MTV Movies team is officially way too pumped for the long awaited sequel. We've already run down the cameos we want to see and the long road Ron Burgundy traveled on his way back to the big screen, but our obsession is far from over: until [...]

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Google Drive screenshot hints at 5 GB of cloud storage for Android smartphones and tablets

Google Drive

Following up on rumors that Google would be offering a cloud service to access files and multimedia no matter what screen you're looking at, some pictures with details of Google Drive have emerged. Apparently Google Drive will be giving away 5 GB for free with the option to upgrade for more, and the source of this shot claims that it will be launching on April 16.

Google Drive (or something like it) has been rumored for a long time; if this service is actually nearing a launch, it's taken its sweet time. Obviously Google already has a ton of cloud services already synced up with Android, but the only real file locker they've pumped out for Android is Google Music. Being able to wirelessly sync individual files between mobile devices and computers is bound to garner lots of interest, not because it hasn't been done before, but because Google will be able to feed it deeply into the Android OS and make it make it completely seamless.

So, any of you already hooked up with sync services like DropBox - would you be willing to switch to Google Drive for the sake of something a little more native? 

Source: TalkAndroid

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Thai foot massage services are there in Bangalore?

Some massages current critique of Tip: question prajna d ? There are Thai foot massage services in Bangalore We had not too long ago visited Thailand and given that then has fallen in adore with Thai massage, specifically Fußmassage.Also wanted to know if there are any bars that supply these services in Bangalore sind.Dies would be a gift for my husband our anniversary in Kürze.Würde choose they come residence and do the greatest massage response. response Sanat R you reflexology and

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Intel: Ultrabooks Offer More Choice, Better Value Than MacBook Air or iPad

In an interview with PCWorld, Intel officials call Ultrabooks more useful for real work than iPads, and a better value than laptops such as the MacBook Air. Plus, they reveal what's ahead for Ultrabooks in 2012 and 2013.

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Mega Millions mania leads to disappointment in California

No jackpot tickets were sold in California, but 29 tickets had five winning numbers, lottery officials say.

Lotto fever reached a frenzied peak Friday, only to dash the dreams of California players as no ticket with all six Mega Millions numbers was sold in the state, a California Lottery spokesman said.

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Does any individual know if a holistic doctor can do a full physical examination to the people?

Naturopaths most well-known product development: concern of medical information and company ? Does anybody know if a holistic physician, a full physical examination to be completed on individuals I know that midwives can conduct medical examinations and they are not medical, but I wonder if medical practitioners have the identical opportunities. Most of them can give herbal medicines and therapy for those things. I do not assume midwives supply remedies herbal Very best Answer. response

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10 Paraben-Free Skin Care Products For Soft, Safe Skin

Clear out your medicine cabinet of skin care options that may harbor harmful chemicals.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Apple Updates Report on Supplier Working Conditions

Apple presses ahead with its efforts to improve working conditions at the overseas factories that manufacture its products.

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Struggling Best Buy Aims to Cut $800 Million in Costs by Closing 50 Retail Stores

For you nostalgic types out there, you may want to head over to your local Best Buy electronics store and take a stroll through nerd nirvana, it could end up being the last time you do so. In reporting its fourth quarter and full year 2012 financial results, the mega electronics chain outlined a new transformation strategy that includes the...

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Nokia Play To App Lets Lumia Phones Share Movies, Photos

Nokia has released a beta version of the Play To app, which makes it possible to stream content from one of its Windows Phone-based Lumia phones to a compatible...

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The Week in Cleantech

A round up of cleantech stories that caught our eye this week, but we didn't have a chance to cover.

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Best of Green Readers' Choice: Energy

Who are the best ambassadors for clean energy, energy industry innovators, activists, and more? Vote here.

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Do a Barrel Roll in This Battlestar Galactica Viper Motion Flight Simulator

A group of high School students are making a Battlestar Galactiva Viper 360-degree flight simulator that will pitch and roll like a fighter plane.

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