Sunday, September 30, 2012

I read that Reiki energy is intelligent and exactly where it must go. What is it?

Some current Tip Reiki Review: query darknyte2000 : I read that Reiki power is intelligent and where it must go. What is it? I have read in books and on the Net have. I wonder how Reiki can intelligently? I believe the Reiki energy, but how to be sensible energy Best answer: response placebo! Add your own answer in the comments! Expertise free of charge Reiki / blessing to you. Try it and see if it functions for you! The Reiki energy to anybody who wants or requirements.

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How was I going to see a naturopathic medical doctor who claims he can get the healing of depression in 48 hours?

Some latest Tip naturopath Assessment: question polly : Do I want a naturopathic medical professional, it can cure depression in 48 hours says goYip stated, naturopathic medical professional, it can get rid of my anxiety and depression within 48 hours. He says he makes use of holistic drops, no medicines, and do not know what it does. It expenses $ 80 if I make a decision. Do I Very best answer: response steam Cleveland NO! I promise its accurate! Use drugs What do you assume? Answer

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to Get Rid of Staph?

Some new holistic spa Tip Evaluation: query Nic ? How to Get Rid of Staph I had a chronic staph infection for a year and a half. (MRSA) I went to a dozen physicians kept prescribing antibiotics, but it usually came back. I went to an infectious disease specialist (supposedly the very best in Dallas), and he told me that I had a problem with my innate immune technique, and there is nothing at all to do. He gave me anti-bacterial soap and basically wished me Glück.Ich lastly went to a

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Parents, it is just, Is it ethical?

Some current myofascial release opinion on Tip: question yahooey : parents, that is right, you take into account it ethical I am a certified massage therapist. I have a client who is actually my cousin, who suffers from fibromyalgia. I massaged regularly (for years), and his excellent aid with the pain. She holds a torch in fibro not too long ago and identified by the search for a type of myofascial release massage is usually the very best therapy for those who are known as to suffer from

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Friday, September 28, 2012


acupuncture well-liked item: query by beth g Acupuncture Has any person ever heard anyone with a bit of luck with acupuncture? I tried to concieve once more for 4 years and no luck. I was told that it had assisted others. Very best answer any thoughts: response Kimmi This could operate! But there is a opportunity super slim! I see it this way. God willing and if you believe you want a infant, it is! We ought to "Attempt" and function our whole life about him and get sad when we have

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It is achievable for an individual ho knows how to use Reiki you are sending a noise inside an ear?

How to use Reiki reiki assessment: question Magister9 : It is possible for a person ho knows how to use Reiki you are sending a noise inside the ears How is it attainable to safeguard the ears against energy response Greatest negative: response Fireball not ....... Give your answer to this query below! src= Find out The Reiki symbols alternative medicine therapy video clip. Professional: Eileen Dey Make contact with:

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Planet Order Legit all-natural medicine?

natural healing center, you should hold an eye on: query AA : Is International College of Natural Medicine Legit I want to open my own natural healing center a single day, and I am delighted to be certified in a variety of aspects of healing. International College of Medicine offers courses to obtain a certificate master herbalist. Is this legitimate? The web site "Accreditation" page. It sagtedie institution has received approval from the Bureau of labor for private

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what are some good energy healing techniques guys?

power healing techniques you really should maintain an eye on:
Question by puedodharma: what are some very good energy healing strategies guys?

Best answer:
Answer by Gary YI wasn't conscious you can heal power.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do you want a mobile massage service?

Tip Some new mobile massage Assessment: question YogaYoda : Does a mobile massage service I want to start off a modest business, mobile massage. Do you want or you can use a service such as Best answer: response Jack hmmm ... idk what it is? It appears you make your phone vibrate? lol? Add your personal answer in the comments!

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Where can I uncover acupuncture specialists who supply a mobile service in the area south of London?

Some during acupuncture current opinion Tip: query by son : Exactly where can I discover acupuncture specialists who supply a mobile service in the area south of London Currently hospitalized and wish a program of acupuncture remedy response greatest:. response of dogloverdi Contact an acupuncture clinic in your area and ask or get in touch with the Canadian Society of Acupuncture and ask. Know much better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How can Crystal Healing sick?

crystal healing program you require to maintain in mind: question : Can Crystal Healing sick Ok, so. I read a lot about crystal healing. And I decided to start off with a quartz crystal. Right? No dilemma, it seemed to be the safest. So I went into a convenience store that sells all sorts of pagan traditions and how. And crystals of course. I looked at it, and the lady came and asked if there was anything I wanted. She recommended that this string with a piece of rock crystal was a charm ..

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Reiki therapy operates skeptical immediately after Reiki remedies

Is Reiki therapy operate skeptical following Reiki remedies Article by Tony Smith Is Reiki therapy perform skeptical following Reiki treatment options - Wellness - Alternative Medicine Search class = "search-web site-description"> Reiki Therapy in Dublin , Reiki treatments in Ireland Use and distribution of this write-up is subject to our Publisher Recommendations whereby the original author's data and copyright have to be

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Monday, September 24, 2012

What age did you begin Reiki courses?

classes Reiki healing reiki assessment: question : What age did you start Reiki courses most classes of Reiki. And there reiki classes in downtown Halifax? If yes, please name them. And especially the crystal healing Reiki Greatest answer:. response of Gutbucket There is no age limit minimal or find out nonsense that "Reiki." Give your answer to this question below!

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How do I search for some pain natural treatments / all-natural treatments immediately after surgery?

Reiki healing all-natural treatments review: question by Sarah : I am for some pain natural treatments / all-natural cures searching following surgery ?Can any individual advise something to help, of course, the pain and speed healing immediately after tonsillectomy recovery adult Best answer: response of roamingweb trials with adult stem cell enhancer-http :/ / Give your answer to this question below!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exactly where can I listen to relaxing music online?

On-line music reiki Loosen up on notice: question hellomootto : Where can I listen to relaxing music on the web I want a cost-free site with relaxing music to support with my pressure and anxiety Best answer:. response of johneonykk his bar known as idk jk Give your answer to this query beneath!

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Reiki - The Incredible Oriental Healing Arts Based

Reiki - The Wonderful Oriental Healing Arts Based produced by Andy Riandi Reiki - The Remarkable Oriental Healing Arts Based - Health search by author, title or content material Write-up Content material Post Title Author name that you enter the property Directive Write-up Author Publisher political content FeedsRSS-FeedsFAQKontakt Reiki is an oriental art visions that developed our universe is and how it works. Nowadays, in the Western globe, we grow master Teachers, like their

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Option medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and so on. .. Who knows a lot about these problems?

Alternative Medicine Clinics overview reiki: query rainbowqtbabe : option medicine, Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and so on. .. Who knows a lot about these issues? I have unexplained abdominal discomfort, which is approximately one day per month. I've completed practically all achievable tests and they have, they have resorted to "migraine belly" and gave me a migraine pill that does not function. I'm at the point exactly where I. Depart from what I've completed and want to try a thing

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Couples Massage?

couples massage you must preserve an eye on:
Query by the_answer_man: Couples Massage?
I like the thought of going for a couples massage with my wife. She on the other hand feels uncomfortable with the truth that we'll be in a state of undress with other people around us... also she doesn't want a female massaging and if a male was massaging me, she isn't positive of how much she'd be able to unwind herself...

any of you people skilled a couple massage?
are you naked (below the sheets)? i

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On a tattoo, if the color is yellow healing turn a nasty brown color?

healing light you ought to keep an eye on: question Pimpalicious : Producing a tattoo, if the color is a light yellow cure turn ugly brown My buddy has a tat carried out last week and the yellow element is not visible due to light brown above, it is this part of the typical response best healing procedure: tai response neroblue9 not it be good Give your answer to this query beneath!

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Can you be both a naturopathic physician and a doctor?

naturopathic physician in the development of well-liked goods: question naidanacmai : Can you also a naturopathic medical doctor and became a medical doctor Is it attainable for an individual to each a physician and naturopath be? I want to do the expertise and coaching at a time or at least have the chance to do each. I know I could go to healthcare school for 4 years, then naturopathy school for one more 4, but there is a combined system somewhere? Has anybody Best Answer information:

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Can I get a list of option or holistic physicians in the Detroit location?

holistic medical doctors reiki ​​on discover: question carol s : Can I get a list of medical doctors or alternative aggregate in the Detroit region Physicians who are not with conventional drugs or surgery, all-natural types of healilng Ideal answer: .response by virginia b These are naturopathic medical doctors in michiganAnnalisa Behling, NDNATURE THE WAY Healthcare CENTER, PC601 Sun Saginaw St. Suite 315Flint, Michigan 48502Telefon: (810) 233 -5300 Fax: (810) 233-5300 E-mail:

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Exactly where can I get a holistic massage in Mexico?

well-known holistic massage in the item: query : Where can I get a holistic massage in Mexico I am in Mexico as soon as a month for the subsequent year, and I want to locate a massage therapist, holistic ideas exactly where I must go Very best answer: Reply Oops The issue is that you do not say exactly where in Mexico you come to. The spot is large and you want to find a person who is close to you ist.Google Masaje Holistico and the area exactly where you are staying and I am sure you

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How What is the ideal natural remedy / alternative medicine for GERD?

option medicine therapy, you should hold in thoughts: concern Chica : What is the ideal all-natural remedy / option medicine GERD My doctor prescribed Nexium for acid reflux, but I do not take drugs. Very best answer any suggestions: response MR. Alex eat less What do you think? Answer beneath! Natural treatment options to remedy toe fungus incorporate shifting shoes and socks all day, expose your feet to sunlight and air, soaking the feet in water mixed with apple cider

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Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage on reiki evaluations:
Query by stacej_84: Therapeutic Massage?
I am hunting to go back to school and there are a couple of issues I believe I may be interested in. A single of which is therapeutic massage and I was questioning if any individual out there who is going to school for it or is a masseuse could maybe inform me what the pros/cons are and what to anticipate? Is it very good salary? Thanks so much!

Best answer:
Answer by magichanzzIts challenging work. Depending

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

During acupuncture to right imbalances in the physique of the Life Force

Throughout Acupuncture an imbalance in the body Lifeforce correct Publisher correct person components acupuncture courses to an imbalance in the body of the Life Force - Education - School and university search by author, title or content material Content material Post Author Post Title name of the residence to submit articles Author Publisher policy directive content material FeedsRSS-FeedsFAQKontakt There is no denying the reputation of acupuncture courses because the finish of Century

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Can I discover somebody trained in Craniosacral Therapy in Humboldt Co. California?

Craniosacral Therapy Instruction on reiki reviews:
Query by ellenm: Can I find someone trained in Craniosacral Therapy in Humboldt Co. California?

Greatest answer:
Answer by PsychProfThe persons who carry out this are osteopathic physicians. Appear in the phone book ( I believe its below "Physicians and Surgeons--D.O." and contact an osteopathic physician and ask about it.

Give your answer to this query

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Is there a way I could use esay therapeutic touch on me?

Some new Tip Therapeutic Touch Review: was there a way I esay therapeutic touch on me : query neptunekh I stressed and at times an old buddy of mine employed to beat therapeutic touch, but I do not know. Is there an simple way to do it on me Very best answer: response to lilith Idk get a massage would be great. Give your answer to this query below! A wonderful instance of the application of the scientific technique to the claims of charlatans! Emily Rose, the youngest

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Monday, September 17, 2012

New Reiki Master Course Property Study provide factual information

New Reiki Master Course House Study offer simple details Articles by Patsy Hamilton New Reiki Master Program House Study give basic information - Search class = "search-web site-description"> Health

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How a lot are prenatal massages at massage envy?

prenatal massage you must maintain an eye on:
Query by Patricia L: How considerably are prenatal massages at massage envy?
So I even though a prenatal massage would be a great way to relax and step into motherhood. How much would a simple 30-60min prenatal massage be at massage envy? And what are the average costs of the other massages since I wanted to treat my mom to a single to (not prenatal naturally)

Best answer:
Answer by joelygirl29According to their web site they have a intro

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Where and how can I study complementary / alternative medicine?

complementary and option medicine reiki review: question : Exactly where and how can I study complementary / alternative medicine It is my intention, a nurse (but I am open to other similar professions). I would truly much much better. Treat individuals nutritional aspects as orthodox Where will I study Best answer: response dave If you want to study diet regime, you can get a dietitian werden.Seien Do you know that the majority consists of old / med independence obtainable. This is

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Does anyone know if it works craniosacral therapy? Has any individual had this carried out?

craniosacral therapy popular in the item: question kimbow82 : Does anybody know if the perform of craniosacral therapy? Has any individual had this done? I was in a auto accident in June last year and has 12 physicians who all try a single thing and if it does not function, they gave. I'm at my whits finish. I have severe neck and back discomfort, injury and may have had a concussion. Is this kind of therapy to assist me in any way with the discomfort? Does any person have any expertise with

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Throughout reflexology?

Some courses reflexology Current Evaluation Tip: query toomuch4u77 ? During reflexology However, I forgot to take my position. My husband and I reside in the south of Houston, Texas and want to take courses in reflexology, but can not locate a spot to take them. Does any person know where this course could take spot? Every bit of useful info. Thanks Very best answer:. response of SapphireTigress I identified this link. This looks like a excellent profession! What do you feel? Answer

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Chakra Healing for optimal physical and emotional effectively-getting

Chakra Healing optimal physical and emotional well-becoming products by Kirsten Nagy Chakra Healing physical and emotional well-getting optimal - Health - Option Search class = "search-site-description"> Medical

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Friday, September 14, 2012

reikki remedy for dogs?

reikki you must maintain in mind: query tom5251972 ? reikki remedy for dogs my friend has a boxer ten years, acute lymphoblastic leukemia. she has two-four weeks. what they can anticipate to see reikki treatments for their dog? do not suggest I inform him to kill his dog. possibly your cat was not so essential to you. I do not know what Western medicine resluts occlusion of alternative medicine or perceived. Please answer the question gestellt.schaueni does not give a shit what you think

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Perth exactly where the psychic and healing fair?

spiritual healing you should maintain an eye on: question by Jenn B : Where is the perth psychic and healing fair I reside in Perth, WA, Australia and was questioning where is the correct perth psychic and healing? I know it is, but that's an additional (b / c it was on the radio), but I do not know exactly where he is assist Thx four ago Best Answer: response dogs yellowstone Conscious Living Expo ask is September 4 to 7 Centre.Die derClaremont Showgrounds Exhibition website at:

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

How to Master Usui Reiki perform and other perform of which you speak?

Some recent reiki master usui ​​Board Review: query wetlazer : How to Master Usui Reiki operate and other jobs that you speak I learned a little more about Reiki, the use of headache, minor aches and pains, much more happiness, and so forth. I can really feel a tiny surprising. I have folks speak about Usui and others to talk to them and hear for themselves, and speak of spiritual guides. I do not thank this kind, which is specifically how it is klingt.Nathan rather strange and quite

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How to turn into a holistic nurse?

Tip some new therapy Critique: question by Kay ~ : How to turn into a holistic nursing I want to know what are the actions to be holistic nursing? What should I study Very best answer: response Tiny Foot take pleasure in Lesen.http :/ / / nursing / academicprograms / masters / applications / holistic.html What do you believe? Answer below! src= This video discusses elements spiritual doctor. Peace and Enjoy. My

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Which online university courses are the best and reputable?

well-known for the duration of organic therapy in the product: query : What online university courses are the best and play I am a remain at home mom and would genuinely like to take online courses to earn a degree in massage therapy, physiotherapy or natural medicine. What are the courses online are genuine and take the best? I'd be prepared to take classes at a nearby college, but I would at least do a little on the internet to at house with my kids bleiben.Dank there would be other

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Ayurvedic medicine?

Some new Tip Ayurvedic Evaluation: question holysoul2000 ? Ayurvedic medicine a person encouraged medicine ImmuMod to build immunity for my child, 7 years old, ask me, is that it really functions or has side effects such as its composition is extract.100mg Tinospora cordifolia aqueous 5 ml. please guide mesoon Ideal answer: response of baboo Tinospora Tinospora cordifolia or English is a quite great Ayurvedic medicine.It is also one of the drugs utilized in rasayan plant.Any or give

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

If I could go to India reiki know I want to study a language other than English?

study reiki well-known product: Tanner question : If I could go study in India reiki I require to know a language other than English Ideal Answer : response of Atchria It would be helpful to know the existing language in India, to communicate well and understand. Add your personal answer in the comments! coaching Reiki Master Terri Steuben shows how option therapy utilized with peaches, a German Shepherd mix. Terri makes use of Reiki with animals intraoperative and postoperative

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Monday, September 10, 2012

What is the distinction among Ayurveda and Naturopathic Doctor and what degrees are provided in New Zealand?

organic folk medicine in the item: question : What is the difference between Ayurveda and Naturopathic Doctor and what degrees are provided in New Zealand Please enter a medical professional of naturopathy and certified Ayurvedic graduate or doctoral programs graduate applications in New Zealand. Note: Not psr Programs. ! Thank you for your assist Greatest answer : response of LillyB Do your own investigation -. The two are not at all similar to What do you believe? Answer beneath!

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Any option medicine ideas for extended term back pain?

Most well-known alternative medicine clinics in item:
Query by Cat: Any option medicine concepts for lengthy term back discomfort?
Hello, I have attempted chronic discomfort clinics, some strong meds, accupuncture, workout, and so on and still have lumbar spine back pain that greatly limits my function. I have bulging discs in L4 and L5 with spinal stenosis. Has any individual had any luck with anything option? Your sincere replies drastically appreciated, THANKS :)

Best answer:
Answer by

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

What is craniosacral therapy? How it can help kids with autism?

Tip Some new Craniosacral Assessment: query April H : What is CranioSacral Therapy? How it can support young children with autism? in a preceding question I asked about specific diets for autistic children produced some craniosacral therapy. What is it? I've never heard of him. None of my physicians have ever mentioned this son as an option prior to Ideal Answer. response of LoveMyLife It is a great therapy that is similar to acupressure (without needles). A therapist who was possibly

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How do you feel as you believe about the licensing of naturopathic physicians?

well-liked naturopathic product: concern Optimist : How do you really feel about the licensing of naturopaths really feel At the moment, 16 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. territories of Puerto Rico and the licensing laws in the United States Virgin Islands "for naturopathic medical doctors. There are four accredited colleges of all-natural medicine in the U.S. How do you feel the licensed physician for diagnosis and treatment of diseases Greatest answer: response of

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

What Esalen massage?

Esalen massage reiki ​​on notice: question awe548 : What is Esalen Massage Best Answer : response of the parent education The following is cut and pasted: "Esalen Massage Defined "The sound of the waves provides a soothing background music for every single massage at the Esalen Institute in Huge Sur, California. It is dedicated to the cliffs with organic hot springs and the educational neighborhood, exploration

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As you believe there are natural cures for cancer or even research?

well-liked organic remedies in the item: question : If you believe that there are organic cures for cancer study or even I am just wondering what is the way of considering in a planet of healthcare practice is committed to the physicians there with God ... but all-natural healing has been utilized for millennia just before med sc produced the scene. I found this web site very: study, I spent far more than 50 hours. My father had cancer and the medical doctors could not

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Employing Tuning Forks for Sound Healing

Employing Tuning Forks for Sound Healing
Short article by Nicole Roberts

These tuning forks have been shown to assist people lessen pressure and help the body heal itself. Makes a excellent addition to any massage therapy, reiki, chiropractic or sound power healing practice. Straightforward adequate to use on yourself, family members and friends.

Use and distribution of this article is topic to our Publisher Recommendations

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how significantly does i massage therapy salary is?

Most well-known massage therapy salary in item:
Question by lucero_gomez: how a lot does i massage therapy salary is?
I want to go back to school im thinking for massage therapy how a lot does a new student gets paid?

Very best answer:
Answer by Melaliciousdepends on how much you are prepared to work, where you reside, and what the going rates are, as effectively as where you get employed. Contact a massage therapist and see what they have to inform you

Know much better? Leave your personal

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

What are organic cures for yeast and Fungas on the skin?

well-known natural remedies in the product: question chickennosenshi : What are the natural treatments for yeast on the skin and Fungas Hello, I am hunting for natural treatments for yeast infections on the skin and fungal infections of the skin study. Does anyone have all-natural remedies or property remedies that they like? . If you have internet sites, you do not even really need guidance ihnen.Ich on my diet, I was on a dose of antibiotics very tough, it causes Greatest answer: response

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How does Reiki?

How Reiki? article by Dr. Tami Brady What is Reiki? - Health - Alternative Medicine Search class = "search-site-description">

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Programs are school on the internet GCNM, it's worth it? I want to receive an education in holistic wellness.?

Some new coaching Tip holistic Evaluation: question para : The school curriculum on-line, GCNM, worth it? I want to get an education in holistic health.? I innatrual looking for internships in counseling and care, holistic health. I'm not confident if on the web schools as they have werden.Ich detected or in the "true planet" honored with a BA in English and now I'm attempting to figure out my subsequent step baout on getting a trade enthusiasts .. which is the all round response Far better

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Reiki Healing By means of Reiki improvement Crystal Healing

improvement Reiki Healing Via Reiki Healing Crystal Article by Yvonne Handford Enhanced Healing By way of Reiki Reiki Crystal Healing - Health - Wellness Analysis class = "search-site-description">

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Usui Reiki Master examination

Usui Reiki Master assessment goods by Calvin S. Usui Reiki Master Critique - Study Wellness class = "search-website-description"> 1 The most efficient way to harmonize the physique, mind and the body's capacity to heal itself même3 spirit.two.The. An optimized balance organs of the body, while the program during harmonized.4.To reduce blocks in the flow of energy and new energy to provide the energy flow in the body.5.Approaches boost spiritual growth and emotional clearing.6.To sleep

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Which natural wellness supplements?

Which organic health supplements? products by Annaolivia Which natural well being supplements? - Health - Study class = "search-site-description"> Nutrition

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Monday, September 3, 2012

Exactly where can I uncover accounting courses on the web free?

common totally free courses in the item: Robert question : Where can I discover accounting courses free on the web I just want to refresh some of my accounting skills, but discovering a totally free accounting courses on the internet is not an effortless activity. Do you know exactly where I can find cost-free lessons? Thanks Greatest answer:. response William I think you really should go to Google and kind in UCLA UCLA OID.Es the Workplace of the evolution of teaching or one thing. You

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Learn to Be a Organic Healer at Organic Healing Schools

Learn to Be a Natural Healer at Organic Healing Schools
Article by Michael Bustamante

Understand to Be a Natural Healer at All-natural Healing Schools - Education - College and University

Search by Author, Title or Content material

Article ContentAuthor NameArticle Title

Submit Articles
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All-natural healing schools supply a wide range of

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

HOW chair massage to benefit the human physique

massage chair to the advantage of the human physique products by Begum Mst.Mariam HOW obtain massage chair for the human physique - Well being - Wellness Analysis class = "search-internet site-description"> The physical rewards of massage chairs massage can compensate from a true game. You can enjoy the neck and back relief, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, reduces muscle spasms, boost back posture and a lot more. massage chairs are costly. They could be anyplace. Costs a couple of

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Like exactly where I am. My Reiki I course in Essex / London Take?

Some recent Tip during reiki Critique: question . Where is my Reiki I course held in Essex / London I want to take years to qualify and Reiki. This Reiki begin, I know, but I do not know where to go or whom. I did some analysis on the web .... It just confused me far more. Is it better to have an exchange of 1 to 1? Or a small group, as expertise / exchange the other are naturally rich? A course that could take months, or a weekend or in the course of a day? Can anyone give me some

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

All-natural Remedies for Acne

natural remedies for acne made by organic remedies HQ All-natural Remedies for Acne - Health - Option Search class = "search-site-description"> Healthcare

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Holistic wellness.........?

Most well-liked holistic health in item:
Query by Matt Q: Holistic health.........?
Can you please clarify the spiritual, physical, emotional, mental and social variables of well being and add examples

Ideal answer:
Answer by Moosethe issue is, spirtual, emotional and mental well being are non existant, or at least havent been established to exist. the real difficulty is STD, so make certain you wear protection. Polar bears are not fantastic pets regardless of the adive of Governor-Common

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Make a Million Pounds